Sekishin has been expanding production facilities to satisfy changing needs, improve efficiency, and develop processing technologies to satisfy the needs of customers, such as the production of high-precision industrial machineries and high-precision mechanical components since its establishment in 1965. All the employees of Sekishin are committed to modernizing its facilities and improve technologies that the company has been accumulating since the establishment to deliver better products to customers. Some of the operations of Sekishin are described here. We appreciate continuous support from our stakeholders and customers.


Location 1
Mineyama-cho, Kyotango City, in Kyoto, is located in the northern part of Kyoto. The area has a history of a prosperous mechanical machining industry, textile industry, agriculture, and fishery. The area faces the Sea of Japan, and with its lush nature and colorful food culture, people can enjoy the changing scenes of the four seasons.


1965 Establishment as a mass-production plant of automobile components
From 1967 Processing of parts for industrial sewing machines and industrial machineries
From 1982 Start the production of semiconductor production devices
1993 Completion of the current head office and new plant
2002 Acquisition of the permission to produce medical tools (GMP)
2003 Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification for quality management system
2009 Acquisition of JIS Q9100 certification for aerospace industrial product quality management system

Company Outline

Company name Sekishin Inc.
Location Head office 1750-1 Nagaoka, Mineyama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Goka office 42-1 Goka, Mineyama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto TEL +81 772-62-1020 FAX +81 772-62-6000
Date of establishment 1965/1/8
Capital 48 million yen
Number of employees 90 people
Chief Executive Officer Yasutaka Tanaka
Nature of business Production of precision machinery, devices, and general industrial machinery Sekishin performs the entire operation from design, processing, assembly, adjustment, and on-site setup. Main areas of expertise include assembly machines, such as conveyance systems and inspection machines. Processing of high-precision components Sekishin is processing high-precision components in a wide range of fields, including aviation, aerospace, medical, and communication. Sekishin is experienced with the high-precision processing, such as high-precision components produced with five-axis MC and difficult-to-machine materials (e.g. titanium and tungsten). Development of physiochemical devices Sekishin is developing custom-made physiochemical devices for research institutions such as universities. Sekishin is experienced with vacuum pick-up systems for seeds and mouse stabilizers.
Plants and size Plants at head office Lot area: 12,480 ㎡  Floor area: 3,850 ㎡ Clean room: 100 ㎡ (Cleanliness: class 1,000) Goka office Lot area: 5,200 ㎡  Floor area: 1,910 ㎡
Satellite office Osaka,Kyoto,Tokyo,Tokai


The head office & the factory

1750-1 Nagaoka, Mineyama-cho, Kyotango-city, Kyoto, Japan TEL: +81-772-62-1020 / FAX: +81-772-62-6000