Miyano M32 V

CNC automatic lathe made by Citizen Machinery Miyano

Work size Maximum processing diameter Φ32mm
Maximum processing length 320mm/1チャック
Shaft rotation speed Main shaft rotation speed 8,000rpm
Rotation speed of the main shaft of a comb-blade tool 6,000rpm
Rotation speed of turret device 6,000rpm
Rotation speed of the main shaft at the back 8,000rpm
Tools Number of tools to attach 27
Comb-blade turning tool (5)
Comb-blade rotation tool (4)
Comb-blade B-axis rotation tool (3)
Number of turret stations (10)
Blade holder at the back (5)
Control system Control axis/system 8 axes 3 lines
Other additional functions With automatic rod supply system(Φ10~Φ32mm × 3,000mm)